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Purple Martin
Purple Martin, Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, June 2016

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Complete Photographic Guide to the Birds of the World (abridged edition) is a collection of bird photos from Antarctica, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, and the United States of America.

Odonata Photographic Guide is a collection of photographs of the Odonata order, more commonly known as Dragonflies and Damselflies.

Reptilia Photographic Guide is a collection of photographs of the Reptilia class, more commonly known as Reptiles.

Warlord Merkit's Magic the Gathering commentary and tournament reports.

Adventures of the Photobirder is a collection of birding trip reports and related birding commentary.

Bird related links ranging from field guides to other wildlife photograpy sites.

Curricula Vitae of Marcus Martin: see my accomplishments in acting, bird photography, and computational statistical mechanics.

Kinney Brick Quarry Lagerstätte contains my notes related to the spectacular fossils found at this quarry.

Molecular simulation research links to people and software related to Monte Carlo molecular simulation.

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