Molecular Simulation Research

Research and Professional Information
The Towhee home page for my open source Monte Carlo Molecular Simulation code and also numerous links related to force fields and other simulation codes.
Curriculum Vitae of Marcus Martin

Molecular Simulation People
William L. Jorgensen group page at Yale.
David Kofke at SUNY Buffalo.
Edward J. Maginn studying lubricants and microporous materials at Notre Dame.
J. Ilja Siepmann at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.
Computer Power
The Linux Documentation Project for information on the capabilities and installation of linux.
Linux Kernel Archives when your current kernel just isn't enough this site has upgrades.
Linux Mirror Sites to download the latest version of Linux.
MPICH is an MPI package used to run parallel jobs on linux.
Fastest Fourier Transforms in the West is a library package of fft.
Computational Science and Engineering Resources and Advice
DOE Industrial Technolgies Program - Chemicals.
American Chemical Society Publications
AIChE American Institues of Chemical Engineers
PhD information about school and job prospects for scientists.
Paul Graham with thought provoking essays about college and computational careers.
Online Doctorate Degree information from Affordable Colleges Online.
Online Doctorate Degree information from GoGrad.

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