Classes Amphibia and Reptilia Photographic Guide

Reptilia photos taken by Marcus Martin, Laura Martin, Max Martin, and Chazi Martin. All specimens were photographed free and in the wild.

New Mexico Whiptail, New Mexico, April 2011

Latest Photo Additions: Two new reptiles - California Newt and Black-tailed Brush Lizard. Copyright for all photos on this site belongs to Marcus Martin, Laura Martin, Max Martin, or Chazi Martin.

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The photograph file names begin with the latin genus and species name followed by the date the photograph was taken. These codes are sometimes followed by a description of the photograph when there are multiple photos of the same species taken on the same day.

If you believe that any photographs have been misidentified please let us know. Feel free to send comments about the site to us at

The photograph arrangement is based upon Peterson Field Guides Western Reptiles and Amphibians [PFG_WRA]

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Copyright for all photos belongs to Marcus Martin, Laura Martin, Max Martin and Chazi Martin